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Slide A B O U T The world is at a digital age surrounded by an excessive amount of information. InterPixel is a multimedia production company headquartered in Hong Kong, founded by a group of passionate photographers, designers, artists, writers and IT specialists all over the world. We strive to provide innovative solutions, as well as unique perspectives and content to promote interactive culture.

Slide Richard Tam Acronym Explorer Essential is the synonym of creativity, it starts when you carefully put things together, there it begins. Sherwood Kwok Creator of Opportunities A big believer in tipping points.

In the Age of Information, each of us is embedded in a sea of networks - it is simply a waste not to make good use of them.

A seasoned business cards collector and a football crazy who loves travelling, food, golf and meeting people.
Jessica Wong Number Cruncher Crunching numbers for life.

Set your goal and let the numbers steer your way. Marketers are all jumping on the “digital” bandwagon but how effective it is to your brand? Are you doing it the right way? What could have been done better? It’s time we tackled your numbers seriously (and holistically).
Kit Cheung A Bit of Everything To be, or not to be: that is the question.

Life is like a football game. You either choose to be a player shooting for the goal, or be a spectator who woos and boos as others do.

Magic happens when I turn ideas into opportunities.
Jay Dalisay Mass Bit Manipulator Far from the sky, close to the ground. Love to code (not cook), watch tv series and figures. (yes, the typical type of myself)

PHP and framework in laravel, of course I don't have to mention what I also know..... But they are Javascript, CSS & HTML 😂
Jen Lovendino Technology Manipulator Cats, dogs, hikes, islands, countries, outdoor, travel, natural, whatever came from the nature, I’m all down!

PHP & Python are also part of my life especially API. I like logic-based creativity.
Yes No / Yes No / Shall we let the story begin? Shall we let the story begin?